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PLOT of Jacob Adventure Z Franchise

2012-03-11 04:33:42 by SuperSaiyanJacob1

When things going, 3 Worlds... Earth... Nega World and Dark World.....

Jacob, Main Hero of the Franchise. sets an Adventure to his goals and Wants to be strongest in the Galaxy...

Nega Jacob, Jacob's alternate Twin as a Anti-Hero and known as King of Nega World. He is same look as Jacob, But Different Personality, Different Clothes and different eye color... He will get angry if anyone get in his way. Don't mess with this guy.

Dark Jacob, Jacob's Arch-Nemesis and his Dark self. He wants to Destroy Everything for he deserves and Destroy the Galaxy.
He is equal to his Strength and Power. He tries to Destroy Jacob every time and Failed his Plans. He is 100% Eviler than you can think of a Villain. He's a Tough Villain.

Dark Jacob march His entire Army and Fight in a War with Nega Jacob's Army and Invade Nega World. Nega Jacob fights Dark Jacob in the War and Nega Jacob holds back and Dark Jacob uses his Special Attack: Ultimate Dark Kamehameha.
Nega Jacob uses Nega Kamehameha and They Collided The two Blasts. Nega Jacob use all His Energy to Defeat Dark Jacob. Dark Jacob's Energy Blast is more Stronger than It is... Nega Jacob shouts his Army and His People to Run away and Teleport to Different World. In Earth however, Jacob trained and Become Stronger. Jacob meets with Nega Jacob and His People. When They got to Dark World and Defeated Dark Jacob's Army Commanders, They head to Dark Jacob's Castle! against a Lots of Dark Jacob's Army March to Fight Jacob and Nega Jacob. also Nega Jacob's Army. Dark Jacob's Army are no MATCH with Jacob's awesome power. Dark Jacob and Jacob finally meet and FIGHT in the Final Battle Arena.
Nega Jacob steps in and Fight Dark Jacob as well. The Two head-on in Battle with Dark Jacob. Jacob makes his Last Standing to defeat Dark Jacob. Jacob uses the Ultimate BIg Bang Kamehameha Spirit Bomb and Defeated Dark Jacob once and for all and Saved the World.. Nega Jacob asked Jacob to have a Spar Match once again..

PLOT of Jacob Adventure Z Franchise


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